Decision Support Consultancy B.V. (DESC) is a privately owned company providing services to its customers. This enables them to outperform competition in the areas of productivity, sales and innovation.


Engineering Consultancy

DESC provides consultation in optimizing the operation of petrochemical plants. We focus on maximizing the production and product quality/stability while minimizing specific energy consumption. Do you need a second opinion or simply a fresh look on your operation, plant design or work practice? DESC can study your potentials.

Sales Support

DESC has developed a unique business concept to aid automation vendors in their selling process. It is called Pay-On-Award. In this concept DESC reduces the R&D and risk content of a sales pursuit and at the same time increases the success rate of winning. We offer this concept with zero risk and minimal cost.



DESC takes pride in coming up with ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas to solve today’s problems. DESC focusses on developing new technologies and simulation software for the industry.


Administration Services

DESC can provide administration services to your company, This will allow you to focus on your core competencies. We can handle both the financial and the reporting activities within your company.



Technology spin-offs of DESC are placed in subsidiaries. The first spin-off is called Nettenergy B.V. which is focusing on applying flash pyrolysis in the energy market. Read here.




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